Statement of Faith

Within the universal body of Christ, Kingdom International Fellowship of Ministries, Inc., in the United States of America is identified by its tradition, name, institutions and relationships.  Across national boundaries, this Fellowship expresses itself in free and voluntary relationships in congregational, regional and general manifestations. Where the Scriptures are silent; we are silent.  We rejoice in God, Maker of heaven and earth.  We confess that Jesus is The Christ, the Son of the living God and proclaim him Lord And Savior of the world.


In the communion of the Holy Spirit, we are joined together in discipleship and in obedience to Christ. Through baptism into Christ, we enter into newness of life and are made one with the whole people of God.  At the table of the Lord, we celebrate with thanksgiving, the saving acts and Presence of Christ. This ministry confesses those all who are baptized into Christ are members of the universal Church and belong to and share in his ministry through, the people of the one God.


We believe the church of Christ upon earth is essentially, intentionally, and Constitutionally one; consisting of all those in every place that profess their faith in Christ.  Within the whole Family of God on earth, the church appears wherever believers in Jesus Christ are gathered in his name.  In Christ’s name and by his grace we accept our mission of witness and service to all people.


We the Fellowship, every Christian enters into the Corporate ministry of God’s people. In addition, the Fellowship Recognizes an order of the ministry, set apart or ordained Under God, to equip the whole people to fulfill their ministry.  In the bonds of Christian faith, we yield ourselves to God that we may serve the one whose kingdom has no end.


Blessing, Glory and honor are to God forever.  AMEN!