Membership Benefits - Covering

1.  Spiritual covering by the Founder and Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon.

     •  A support system that one can depend upon

     •  One on One consultations with Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon

     •  Visitations (If applicable)

     •  Access to annual trainings with free or reduced registration for annual events

              (Virtual attendance available for coverings outside of 50 mile radius)

     •  Access to training manuals (Hardcopies or downloadable pdf's)

     •  Pulpit supply for Churches when needed (Break/Sabbatical; Not applicable for International)

     •  One on one consultations with the Specialty Leaders

2.  Authentic networking with Pastors, Ministers and Christian Entrepreneurs in their specialty across the world.

3.  Opportunities for spiritual/personal development, training, mentorship on a advanced level, through one-on-one consultations with Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon and the HQ Care Center at no cost. (Available virtually outside of 50 mile radius)


4.  Training through New Testament School of Theology (NTSOT) at a reduced tuition rate for those enrolling in the Associate Degree Program. Online classes are available for students outside of 50 mile radius.

Covering Commitment Fee: 

(Commitment Fee is for our Annual Convocation for the Kingdom, Effective Self Care Retreat and other KFIM events)

$600.00 Annually

*Paid monthly:  $50.00

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