Meet the Establishmentarian

Apostle copy.png

Presiding Prelate, Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon

Has served in ministry over 20 years and is the Founder of Prophetess Felicia Williams Ministries, Inc. (15 years), Felicia Williams Redmon Counseling Service (14 years), Founder and Senior Pastor of The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls (13 years), New Testament School of Theology (8 years), and Kingdom International Fellowship of Ministries, Inc. (3 years).

Area(s) of Expertise:  Apostolic Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, Visionary, Church Building, Church Planting, the Spirit of Excellence, Counseling,  Financial Management, Pioneer-ship, Spiritual Parenting, Mentorship, Training and developing one in their area of calling.